Friday, March 16, 2012

Pajama Party!

I've spent my whole life wrestling with pants.

If I ever decide to write the next great American novel, that will be my opening line. But, seriously, it's totally true. I'm too tall for a regular length, to short for a tall length. My booty is too big for one size, but my waist isn't thick enough for the next size.

I ended up buying several pairs of men's boxer shorts back in the late 90's, and, I kid you not, up until last week, I still had all three pairs, and they were my go-to comfy jammies. They never really fit all that well and were always saggy-baggy, but better than tighty-wighty!

And then I put my foot through the seam of the first pair. they were so threadbare that the flannel just sort of disintegrated. Then, last night, I picked up a pair of socks off the floor and there went a second pair. I died a little inside.

So, I decided to bite the bullet and make my own p.j. pants that were long enough that I could lounge around and not constantly be "adjusting," and that had a high enough waist that I wasn't constantly "adjusting," and had an elastic waistband so I wasn't constantly "adjusting"... get the idea? Too much visual?

Anyway, here they are...
They're possibly the most perfect jammie shorts on the planet. I used Amy Butlers "Wide Leg Lounge Pant" pattern from her In Stitches pattern book... mainly because I made a pair of long pants with them a couple of years ago, so the patterns were already prepped on the freezer paper. But also because it really is a great pattern. :)

Apparently at some point, I had bought a whole bunch of this cute butterfly flannel:

By a whole bunch, I mean like 3 yards of the stuff! What was I planning on doing with it? Seriously, what do you use 3 yards of flannel for, other than making the perfect jammie shorts? Who knows.

Anyway, I was glad I had it, cause desperation was setting in, and I was fixin' to cut up a flannel sheet!

One more picture of me being super happy in my new jammie shorts. I didn't want to take them off after the picture. I kind of want to wear them forever:

I will never buy ill-fitting pajama shorts again. Watch out thrift stores... I'm on the hunt for flannel sheets!

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  1. Great job on the pjs! Your last post inspired me to check out the local sewing classes at this adorable quilt/fabric store. I went home with a new sewing machine and six free sewing classes to help me learn the new machine. I'm really excited and I hope my clothes turn out that good. My son is hard to fit too. He's super thin with a long body. I can never find a shirt that reaches his wrists without swallowing his body. That's a wonderful idea about the flannel sheets. I bet you make some great finds.