Monday, March 12, 2012

Craft Overload!

I have been on craft overload for the last month. A whole slew of partners have received their items, so I can now share my craftiness:

First off is the iPod case I made for makaylalee. She collects fairies/fantasy things and wanted an iPod case, so I had to figure out a way to incorporate. I went with stenciled wings in gold and silver paint and pretty beads, buttons, and embroidery:

This is the front. Isn't that button beautiful!?

And the back:
Her initial and some pretty butterfly beads I had in my bead jar from one "imagined" project or another! Ha!

My other partner, Audio, collected hooplas (embroidery hoops as art pieces) and really likes space/Dr. Who/aliens, etc. So, I just happened to have some space fabric laying around... don't ask. And I went with a spaceman theme, as whenever I sketched an alien, it looked like a 5-year-old had drawn it!

And I thought it would be neat if it glowed in the dark, so I did some research and discovered that there is such a thing as glow in the dark embroidery thread. Who knew?! Anyway... it took me about 45 minutes to finally get a picture of it glowing in the dark. Who knew it would be so difficult? I think it looks totally cool:

Then, just as the other partner got a headband as her second item, so did each of these lovely ladies. Makaylalee got a fairy crown of flowers and leaves, fit for an elven princess:

And Audio got what was probably my favorite headband... a Dr. Who inspired one shiny Tardis blue fabric with "hello, sexy" embroidered on it, inspired by #11's love affair with his space ship:

The other swap I've been working on was a "creepy cute" swap, where I was again partnered with burstofpanties. I made her some potholders out of the fabric left over from making a baby quilt. Yes, I made a friend a Dia de los Muertos baby quilt... don't judge.

And a semi-matching apron out of this amazing sugar skull fabric:

Then, for probably the creepiest piece, a zombie finger chapstick holder. I found the pattern on Ravelry, and thought it was hilarious, so finally had a reason to make it.

I made a second keychain from an awesome cross-stitch pattern I found free from the creator of the Creepy Cute Crochet book. Love her, love her patterns. I went with Cthullu. I've never cross-stitched for real (I've made some of those cheesy things with the "x"s already printed on the fabric, but not actually followed a pattern from scratch).

It's done on size 14 cross stitch plastic so that it's nice and sturdy. I love the shading on him.

Then, I tried something totally new and made a monster clutch bag:

It's made out of fur, which I learned is really difficult to sew with, and lined with some funky bamboo-ey fabric I had laying around in the lime green color of his eyes. And, the most awesome part is that he has two snaps-- two magnetic snaps that go all the way through the fabric with these funky brads and don't require sewing. I love them and am now obsessed.

Finally, the piece de resistance, an amigurimi octopus:

Isn't she sweet!? She got into a bit of a scuffle with a crab and lost an eye, but still looks cute as ever with her little bow.

Anyway, that's everything... I know it's a lot, but I've had such fun making awesomeness, that I couldn't not share. :)


  1. You made some really amazing things! I'm going to give glow in the dark thread a try now. The fabric background looks great with the astronaut. I love the zombie finger. That was a wonderful idea! And the stitch Cthulhu looks great. Thanks for the link to the patterns. When you said you used cross stitch plastic, is that plastic canvas or perforated plastic paper/aida? There are so many names for the same things. What did you use for the backing because the keychain does look very sturdy?

  2. Robin, I used 14 mesh perforated plastic by Darice. To cover up the mess on the back, I just hot glued some fleece and cut to size. I sandwiched a ribbon in between the plastic and the fleece, which is, obviously, where I attached the key chain piece. I've also made her ninja and the robot. I'll have to post pics of those soon. I'm trying to think of other uses for the little guys... I think they'd be cool on halloween cards, or if done on fabric (which I'm terrified of!) as cute embellishments on bags.