Friday, July 1, 2011

The Perfect Macaroni and Cheese

So, when doing meal planning for the week with the nanny kids, they decided they wanted Mac and Cheese today. But not the box kind, homemade.

That was fine with me, frankly, because I love homemade Macaroni! I've had some trouble finding the perfect recipe and last weekend I had some really delicious Mac at Stanley's Kitchen and Tap here in Chicago. It was creamy and cheesy and delicious. I was pretty sure there was ricotta in it, so I searched the interwebs for Mac with Ricotta and found a couple of recipes. I settled on one that sounded really easy, but called for pureed cottage cheese. I subbed in ricotta and doubled the amount of it, and it turned out SO good! I don't have pics, since I made it at work, but I used Smitten Kitchen's recipe and there are some fantastic food porn pictures on her site. My favorite aspect of the recipe was the fact that I didn't have to pre-cook the noodles! Fabulous!

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