Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ross's Chair

I have a problem. I'm addicted to upholstery. Or, more aptly, re-upholstery. So, with the oh-so-awesome Ross Bay closing on his Chicago Condo, I made a spurof the moment decision at the thrift store. I bought Ross a chair. This chair:

Yes, that is pink upholstery. I should have taken a better shot. I should have zoomed in on it's "ladies suit from the 70's" tweedy-houndstoothy awesomeness. But I found the perfect suede-y cream fabric that was going to make the dark stain look amazing, and I just couldn't wait to pull off the fabric and get started!

I found a little surprise under the fabric... some gross bird's nesty fluff, which I'm assuming was once batting. Gross. Good thing I was already planning on ripping the whole seat down and had bought all the replacement parts, so could just throw all the yuck away! My other surprise was that two of the screws holding the seat in place were missing... fortunately I have long since conquered the Home Depot and found exactly what I needed and got the heck out. Measure twice, visit Home Depot once.

Anyway, the final product is amazing, and is going to look fabulous in Ross's new living room!

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