Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Love a Commission!

So, recently I got an Etsy order for a commissioned pair of leg warmers like the green cabled ones I posted a pattern for.  She just wanted them in white.  My first round of making them was a slight disaster.  I tried using a cheaper yarn alternative that was a true "white" and they turned out terribly.  No stretch, way too long, totally ridiculous.  So, I went and got new yarn today and whipped up the first one in the proper yarn, even though it's a little "cream" colored.  I'm slightly jealous of them and may want to make myself a pair, too.  They look fantastic in white!

(Yes, my thighs look giant... it was taken at an angle and I'm pregnant.  I'm over it.)

I also had a friend ask if I could make a specific fingerless glove pattern for her to use for her Halloween costume as a cat.  She sent me this pattern from Lion Brand that I had seen and wanted to make for another friend at one point (like 3 years ago), but then lost interest.  Anyway, interest piqued, especially since she is paying AND she gave me a deadline.  I work much better with a deadline imposed by someone else.  Here's how they turned out:

Not the most beautiful picture I've ever taken since it was with my phone, but the gloves themselves turned out amazingly well.  Especially since I didn't have to buy any new yarn for them.  It was all stuff from my stash.  And though you can't really tell in the picture, the black has some pretty sparkle to it, and since she's slightly obsessed with sparkle, they're even more fabulous!  Yay for kitties!  

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