Monday, October 1, 2012

Baby Cuteness

My dear friend Karen is expecting a little boy about a month before I am.  Therefore, I felt the need to make cute little crocheted things for said baby.  I settled on a couple of ridiculously easy and cute hats made from some chunky yarn I had laying around.  The first one is white with a lime green border:  

And my trusty model wearing the cute little chunky hat:  

The second one is this great blueberry color, that I chose because they are decorating the baby's nursery in L.A. Dodgers colors.  I thought this was a pretty close color to Dodger blue.  And I thought it was too plain as it was, so I added a pom pom... love a pom pom!  

And the model:  

These are seriously the easiest hats to make.  And the pattern is very good.  I made both hats in about 20 minutes.  It's a great stash buster if you have some chunky yarn laying around.  The pattern is from Oodles4Noodles and is really fantastic.  Great pattern for a new crocheter, as well!  

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