Friday, July 13, 2012

Tom Waits for No Baby

I've been slowly... oh, so slowly... trying to clean out our office/craft room to make room for The Stig's new nursery.  So, today I tackled a pile of fabric in a basket that I probably haven't gotten to the bottom of in 2 years, and had no idea what was in it.  Well, apparently at some time, I hid a couple of Paul's grosser t-shirts from him so that they would exit his "wearable" rotation.  One of them, I had originally planned on stretching on canvas stretchers to make into an art piece.  It was an awesome Tom Waits shirt that he was really attached to.  But, I thought, with the babe on the way, maybe I could make it still wearable, just not so much for Paul anymore.  There was a tutorial on This Mama Makes Stuff (I'm obsessed with her blog... it's amazing) for making a baby gown out of an old t-shirt, so I pulled up the tutorial, printed out the pattern, and set to cutting, hemming, and sewing.  The finished result is AWESOME!  

Just so you can see that the image on the shirt was really that cool and totally worth saving:  

Don't get me wrong... I didn't just whip it out without any issues.  I had a mis-sewn piece that led to torn-beyond-use fabric and to cut new sleeves, so needed to find a different shirt to cut those from.  I ripped out and re-sewed multiple times.  My hems were terrible, so had to be fixed, but ultimately, it looks amazing and even has adorable little "pockets" for The Stig's little mitts to tuck away into.  

It's a great tutorial, and I'm extremely pleased with how my first jersey sewing project has turned out.  I have 4 more shirts waiting in the wings to become awesome new baby clothes.  I only regret that I didn't take a picture of the shirt's sorry state prior to hacking it to pieces so you can get a real sense of the amazing accomplishment this re-do was!  

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