Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Hat

So, for Christmas, Paul got me what I really wanted... a brand spankin' new camera. And it's super fancy, so much so that I have only figured out about a quarter of what it can do! I need to take an SLR class so that I can figure out how to do more neat things with it! Anyway, it's improved my picture quality immensely, so here is a little sneak peak at a hat that I made today.

Seriously, this picture was a point and click of myself. And it turned out this good? This camera is amazing. But the hat! It's a super easy knit, bulky yarn, big needles. Here is the link: Weekend Head Warmer It only took me about an hour and a half to finish and looks great.

It's a big waffle pattern so it scrunches nicely. The picture shows it scrunchier on top (i.e. it looks longer) but I'm pretty sure I have a really long head, so that might be why mine looks more beanie-esque. Either way, it's really comfy and can be pulled back somewhat for a slouchier look, or pulled down over the ears for more of a beanie look and super warmth! Enjoy the hat, and my much better picture quality!

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