Friday, January 27, 2012

80's Cartoon Swap

So, as promised, the rest of the awesomeness from the 80's craft swap:

That's everything. I'm pleased with how it all turned out, I must admit. Close ups, now:

Beetlejuice Bag featuring Lydia and an awesome purple bow with a skull and crossbones button.
My Little Pony fleece blankie. This awesome fabric courtesy of a garage sale in Eugene, OR. Thanks, Auntie Carol!

Jem Artwork. Stickers over a notecard, painted black, and stickers pulled off. Easy Peasy and totally awesome!

She-Ra candle. Okay, it's totally naughty and sacrilegious, but it's also probably my favorite item I made! She-Ra, Lady of Etheria, with Kowl as the baby. :D

And the awesome last minute extra I found at a creepy little re-sale shop that had lots of comics and even more taxidermy.

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