Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Love My Granny

I love a granny square. There is something really cathartic about the repetitive nature, but also the speed with which they grow. So, when my mom asked me to make a granny square pillow for a wooden rocking chair in their living room, I was all about it. The thing with granny's is they can be started and stopped easily, there's a definite end to the row, and you know right where to start when you pick it back up again. I love things that I don't need a pattern for, that I don't have to think too hard at. So, that being said, here is the granny pillow:

Mom basically told me she wanted a granny pillow with yellows and browns, but mostly to use up any leftover yarn I had. So, I had a bunch of half-skeins of Paton's Wool Ease (I'm obsessed with washable wool) so set to work. I had the least of the yellow, so made it the bright pop in the middle and then used a left over coordinating yellow fabric I had used on an apron and a tote bag:

I made the body of the pillow twice. The first time I measured, and it came out completely too small. The second time I just hacked into the fabric, and it was the perfect size. What's with that? I'm telling you, I am not meant for patterns. I'm a much better eye-baller. :)

And here's the finished product nestled happily on my grandpa's blue Grover chair. I'm emotionally attached to furniture. I make fun of those people on the t.v., but secretly am one of them. I love that chair, and the pillow looks so nice there. Maybe I'll have to keep it for myself. Just kidding... I definitely do NOT need another pillow in my life!

If you too would like to become obsessed with the granny square, may I suggest the tutorial over at the Purl Bee. Also, it's an amazing site with lots of free tutorials and projects for those of us craft-obsessed.

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