Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mama's Flannel Pants

So, enough of making cute things for this tiny being who does not yet have a body to himself!  I made some pants for me, this time!

Don't judge... I haven't taken a shower or finished my first cup of coffee yet today.  

I used the same idea as for Stig's pants, and super-sized it.  My mom had sent me a pair of flannel pajama pants she found at a thrift store (I'm pretty sure they've never been worn, even!  Good find, mom!) that will hopefully keep fitting me as I get bigger this fall.  They are green with pictures of Eeyore all over them.  Not exactly a fashion statement, but they are pajamas, after all, so who really cares.  The only things I wasn't completely thrilled with were the drawstring waist and the fact that they tapered at the ankle (and will probably shrink a bit and be too short for my gargantuanly long legs.

It also so happened that I had about 3 yards of flannel fabric that I've been meaning to make some pajama pants out of, so I decided no time like the present and pulled out the fabric yesterday.  I used the Eeyore pants as a general template, making the legs much wider at the bottom, just eyeballing it.  I really hate to measure, which probably negatively affects my sewing, but I don't really care.  A few LLLLOOOONNNGGG seams, some hems, and some elastic in the waist (yes, I have reams of elastic just laying around my house as well) and we're done!   

And for proof that I really am pregnant, and not just making up this tiny being that has taken over my body and life, a preggo picture:  

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