Friday, June 1, 2012

Knitting to Amuse the Masses

I had some left over soft cotton yarn from a failed project.  Let's just say the newborn size hat fit my big ol' head.  So, I decided I'd use it up and make a washcloth, since I wasn't sure how much yarn was left in the skein.  So, after some extensive (by that I mean about 2 minutes worth) research, I found THE pattern.

Come on, it has a goat on it!  

It's done in Cottontots yarn and is super soft.  I pretty much love it.  And it only took me about 2 hours to complete.  Yay!  


  1. OMGs! I love this! I think I will need to chart out some other matching animals/graphics so it could be made into an afghan as well. A farm theme maybe with a rooster, cow, apple, etc...!

  2. Yes! The pattern writer actually had a lot of really cute charts, so you could check those out, too. Old McDonald had a goat e-i-e-i-o!

  3. I'm drooling here.That is so cute

    1. Thanks! I'm slightly obsessed with goats, so I sort of freak out a little whenever I find a pattern involving my favorite cloven-hoofed friends. :)

  4. It's a goat that fills me with joy.So sweet