Friday, November 11, 2011

Iris Mittens-- Christmas sneak peek

So, for Christmas this year, I'm attempting to make as many gifts as I can. I've got 4 done and 3 mostly done. Woo hoo! I'm giving a sneak peek at one, hoping that the recipient doesn't read this or guess that they are for her! This is the only one I have process pics for, so far. Maybe I'll remember to take photos of everything I made this year... maybe.

Anyway, one gift this year is this great pair of mittens:

Okay, so the photo is totally dorky, but you can actually see the mittens semi-okay in this one. I was having a battle with the light outside today. If I did regular flash, you couldn't see a thing. If I did night flash, everything was sort of washed out like this. Stupid crappy camera and no light box for photos (um... hint, hint... that's what I want for Christmas!)

So, here is the pattern I used (pulled up on my favorite knitting tool, my iPad... saves me so much paper) and the yarn. It's Berocco X-Press, which is sadly discontinued, but I got just enough for these mittens on sale at my LYS! The color way is "Purple to Green," Boring name, but, that's the name; I think it's the color of irises in spring, so I've called them Iris Mittens. The pattern is Shelburne from Knitty, Winter 2011, but I made some changes to the thumb, because it was too small, and I put a cable ridge on the side of mine that was not in the original pattern.
They knit up really quickly, due to the super chunky yarn. Here they are with the hand part finished, waiting for the fingers and thumb to be covered. They would be quite cute as fingerless, too, I think.

The completed fingers. I couldn't find my stitch holder, so I had to use some scrap yarn.
The finished mittens. They turned out so cute, and I LOVE the purple and green variegated color scheme of them.

It was cold out when I took this pic. And the stupid light problems continued, but they were totally warm and kept my fingers nice and toasty while I fought with the poor lighting in my back yard! Yay for completed Christmas gifts!

Hopefully I'll have some new blogs up soon which feature projects I'm doing for other people's Christmases. I have a pair of slippers on the sticks and will be trying my hand at some more complicated Amigurimi for my former swap partners!

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