Thursday, December 10, 2009

Long time Coming

So, I've been so overwhelmed with work and life lately, that keeping track of my craziness has taken a bit of a back burner. But yesterday, upon my return from an oh-so-relaxing trip to Boston, I held a little dinner for my work friends in honor of Assistant Manager Jenni's 29th Birthday. So, that means I cooked... and cooked... and cooked way way way too much food. It has become more and more obvious to me that my Scandinavian heritage is much more pronounced than I was aware. But, anyway, the menu and the use of the delish organic and local food lately:

Appetizers were bruschetta (I cheated and got it from Trader Joes, but as Matt said, I could just eat it out of the jar with a spoon.) on fresh baked bread. Mmm. Then we had some salad. Oddly, this week we did not get any lettuce greens, so I bought some organic lettuce at the store. I had a possibly picky, non-veggie eater coming, so I chopped up the red pepper, cucumber, and organic mushrooms and put them each in separate containers so that there was a sort of "salad bar" option :) Gotta love that I just tried to figure out how to spell smorgasbord before choosing salad bar and then just now gave myself away at my Swedish-ness :)

Then the main course and dessert: I made a pretty plain, but still really tasty baked mostaccoli. I usually put some mushrooms and peppers or onions in, but left it plain for the aforementioned non-veggie eater. Then the birthday dessert, which used up the local IPM apples I'd been saving up from the last couple of shipments and the cranberries from last week's shipment to make an apple cranberry crisp. So yummy!

Anyway, it was delicious and everyone had a good time... including Kaiser, despite his fear of my apparently terrifying kitchen. :)

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